COIM is world leader in designing and manufacturing Gas-Fired Billet Heaters for the extrusion of Copper, Brass and Aluminum. Since 1978 COIM means worldwide excellence and expertise for the most important extruders. Our range of products includes Special Furnaces for Annealing and Heat Treatment of extruded products and tailor-made Automatic Storages for billets.

Why Coim:

  • To provide the customer with the most effective and efficient solutions in terms of productivity, energy saving and reliability in few words. We aim to manufacture the best furnaces in the world;

  • To reject the concept of "standard" and target only "tailor-made" plant, to provide the best achievable performance based on the required productivity and available spaces;

  • We differentiate ourselves from competitors for ease of contact and communication, rapid response and accurate, timely intervention by expert and highly skilled technicians;

  • Every step of design and manufacturing is entirely done in COIM, by our highly skilled team.
    The same technicians are engaged in the installation and maintenances;

  • COIM srl is part of Presezzi Extrusion Group which also includes Presezzi Extrusion Spa (Extrusion Presses) and Profile Automation (Handling and Packaging machines for aluminum profiles).
    The union of these companies allows the group to supply turn-key solutions with high added value.

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