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Coim 40th Anniversary

COIM is world leader in designing and manufacturing Gas-Fired Billet Heaters for the extrusion of Copper, Brass and Aluminum. Since 1978 COIM means worldwide excellence and expertise for the most important extruders. Our range of products includes Special Furnaces for Annealing and Heat Treatment of extruded products and tailor-made Automatic Storages for billets.

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Because we have efficient solutions

To provide the customer with the most effective and efficient solutions in terms of productivity, energy saving and reliability in few words. We aim to manufacture the best furnaces in the world;

Because we are part of Presezzi Extrusion Group

we can offer our customers a variety of services related to the world of extrusion products, presenting us as a solid and well established company that designs and manufactures all the equipment needed for a complete extrusion line;

Because customer satisfaction is our main goal

To reject the concept of "standard" and target only "tailor-made" plant, to provide the best achievable performance based on the required productivity and available spaces;

Because we offer unique projects

We differentiate ourselves from competitors for ease of contact and communication, rapid response and accurate, timely intervention by expert and highly skilled technicians;

Because our staff follows you from the beginning to the end

Every step of design and manufacturing is entirely done in COIM, by our highly skilled team. The same technicians are engaged in the installation and maintenances;